Founded by Mighty Minds family of schools, Wonder Works Preschool look to encourage children to grow into thinking, self-assured and creative individual amidst a warm and homely atmosphere. Nestled in cosy compound with plenty of outdoor space, our space is purpose-built with gym, reading corners and age-appropriate playground and plenty of space to experiment, discover, and therefore gain the love of learning.

With Mighty Minds family support and heartwarming traditions such as family day, picnics, field trips, pancakes with parents, cultural celebrations and many more, discover the magic that is Wonder Works. Be captivated bu the charm and magnetic energy behind our passionate team. At Wonder Works, we don't teach. We inspire and cultivate the love for knowledge, and let our children do the rest.


Welcome to Wonder Works Preschool!

We are pleased that you are considering our Center to be your partner in the care and education of your child. Selecting a pre-school will be one of the most important decisions you make in setting the foundation for success for your young child.

Our goal is to provide the very best early learning experience together with devoted teachers and active parental communication while offering a nurturing, fun and secure learning environment for your child.